The Custom Series – T-Shirt to Workout Tank

Before you start you must decide which shoulder you want exposed.  In these pics it’s showing for the left shoulder to be exposed.  If you want your right shoulder open just reverse the instructions.  

  1. Start by finding the center of the bottom of your shirts collar and mark with chalk.  Then from the mark trace the bottom of your collar to create a line where you’re going to cut.  Cut along this line from the center of your collar to the top of your shirt.
  2. Figure 3 is showing your first cut.  
  3. Again, start from the center of your collar and draw a slightly curved line up to the of the sleeve. 
  4. Figure 5 is showing what your 2nd cut will look like.  
  5. Draw a smaller line about an inch away from the cut you just made and cut along this mark.  This is optional
  6. On the opposite sleeve of the cut shoulder use your chalk to draw a 3” line along the seam, as shown in figure 7.  Cut along your mark (see figure 8 for what this cut will look like).  Stretch this cut slightly to distress.  
  7. Make a few marks on the bottom of the sleeve and cut those marks just enough to separate the hem.  This step is optional.  
  8. On the sleeve of your open shoulder make a couple of cuts starting from the top of the sleeve going in.  I did 2 cuts on this sleeve, one was about an in and the other about half an inch.  Stretch these cuts slightly to distress.
  9. Move the the bottom of your shirt to the opposite side of your open shoulder.  Make 4 lines starting from large working up in a triangular shape to small.  Cut along these 4 lines and stretch slightly to distress.  
  10. Still on the bottom of your shirt but this time on the same side as the open shoulder.  Fold just the from of your shirt in small spots and make small cuts as shown in figure 11.  This step is optional.  Stretch cuts slightly to distress.  
  11. Along the bottom of the shirt follow the same steps as figure 8.  Make small cuts along the bottom seam in random places to separate the hem.  This step is optional.  

Enjoy your newly distressed tee!!! 

To see even more of Christina’s creative designs, follow her at and be sure to check back here throughout the week for the rest of the Custom T-Shirt Series!

~J. Elizabeth Boutique

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