The Custom Series – Off-the-Shoulder DIY

  1. Determine which shoulder you want to expose and make a mark on the OPPOSITE side about 1/2 an inch away from the collar.  
  2. Starting from this mark draw a slightly curved line up to the top of the sleeve of your exposed shoulder side.  
  3. Figure 4 is to show what each side should look like depending on the side you want exposed.  
  4. Starting from your original mark cut through the front and back of the shirt just enough to get past the seam.
  5. Once past your seam remove your scissors and continue cutting only the FRONT of your tee.  Do Not Cut The Back.  
  6. Starting again from your original mark, cut just along the seam of the back of your shirt to meet at the other side.  

Enjoy your new tee!!!  I like to pair mine with a fun bralette that can also be found at J Elizabeth Boutique!

To see even more of Christina’s creative designs, follow her at and be sure to check back here throughout the week for the rest of the Custom T-Shirt Series!

~J. Elizabeth Boutique

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