The Custom Series- No Sew T-Shirt Pillow

  1. Supplies needed:  Your favorite tee, Fabric Scissors, Ruler, Chalk, Fabric Glue (I used Fabric Fuse), Pillow Stuffing (I used Poly-fil Ultra Plush)
  2. Starting from just under the armpit seam use your ruler to mark 5 inches from the edge of you shirt.  
  3. Do the same on the other side 
  4. Starting from the highest point of the neck collar use your ruler to mark down from the top 5 1/2 inches. 
  5. Make the same measurement and mark on the opposite side of the collar and connect the two marks by drawing a line using your chalk and ruler.  
  6. This measurement is all up to you depending on how big or small you want your pillow to be.  For mine I measured up 6 inches from the bottom and made several marks all the way across.  
  7. Using your chalk and ruler connect all your marks with a straight line.  
  8. Again using your ruler and chalk draw a straight line starting from your bottom line going up to your top line where your 5” indent from the sides are.
  9. Do this on both sides. 
  10. Box 10 is a visual of what it should look like with all your lines drawn.  
  11. Start cutting out your pillow.  Cut both the front and back of your tee at the same time starting with your bottom line.  
  12. Follow your side and top lines to finish cutting out your pillow.  
  13. Once you have your shape cut out take the front of your tee (with your design) and flip it over so it’s in the inside of your pillow.  
  14. Start gluing your sides together using your fabric glue.  I used Fabric Fuse as shown in figure 14.1 and a small brush to spread it out.
  15. Continue gluing all the way around from the edge of your shirt until about 1/2 inch in.
  16. Once you get to the top (or bottom if started at the top) only glue from the outside in on each side leaving a space in the middle big enough for your hand to fit in.  This is where you’ll fill your pillow.  

Once you have your gluing finished you’ll want to lay your shirt somewhere on a flat surface to dry.  I left mine to dry overnight but I believe the bottle says 4-6 hours.  

  1. Once all your glue has dried you want to turn your pillow right-side out.
  2. This will make it so your seams are all on the inside.  Nice and neat!
  3. Using your pillow stuffing start stuffing your new pillow using the access point you left on the top (or bottom)
  4. Continue stuffing, handfuls at a time making sure to get into the corners. 
  5. Once you have your desired amount of stuffing you are ready to close up your access hole.  
  6. Fold the back of your tee over slightly and apply your fabric glue.
  7. Fold over the front of your tee to create the seam and join together.  You want to make sure this stays closed so I used a paper clamp and some paperclips.  It’s what I had laying around.  You can use anything from paperclips to chip bag clips.  Just as long as it stays closed so it can dry fully.  

Once your fabric glue is dry, remove your clips and fluff your pillow then ENJOY!!!  

I love this idea for making pillows out of loved ones shirts that have passed away and you want something you can have to remember them by.  Take something they wore and make it into a pillow.  Or make them out of your kids shirts that they’ve grown out of for a small travel pillow.  The options are endless!  They make incredible gifts as well.  

To see even more of Christina’s creative designs, follow her at and be sure to check back here throughout the week for the rest of the Custom T-Shirt Series!

~J. Elizabeth Boutique

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