The Custom Series – Fringe Bottom Tee

  1. Using your ruler, measure up anywhere between 5-7 inches and mark with chalk.
  2. After making your marks across your tee, use your chalk and ruler to connect them all the way across.
  3. Using your ruler, chalk mark every inch along the bottom of your tee.
  4. Using fabric scissors to cut both the front and back together at your inch marks straight up to your chalk line.
  5. Continue this all the way across the bottom of your tee.
  6. After the completion of the inch cuts, cut those in half all the way across.
  7. One you have all of your cuts made, pull them to stretch.
  8. Take the first two pieces and start tying knots about 1/4 of the way down. Continue this all the way across.
  9. With all of the strands now knotted, begin working on your second row of knots.  To do this, take the right tail from your left knot, and the left tail from the right knot and tie them into a third knot.
  10. Continue this all the way around the shirt (front and back).

Enjoy your new shirt!

To see even more of Christina’s creative designs, follow her at and be sure to check back here throughout the week for the rest of the Custom T-Shirt Series!

~J. Elizabeth Boutique

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