The Custom Series – Creative Shirt Customizations by Christina Straggas

  1. Items needed:  T-Shirt, Fabric Scissors, Chalk
  2. Cut out your collar
  3. Figure 3 is just to show you what this cut will look like
  4. Starting at your collar and working your way down the sleeve draw out 4 triangles.  This does not have to be perfect.  Mine definitely weren’t.  
  5. Cut out these triangles.  
  6. Repeat on the other sleeve.  
  7. Cut out these triangles.  
  8. Stretch these cuts lightly and tie the front of your tee to the back of your tee.  For each triangle cut.  
  9. Figure 9 is showing you what this will look like when it’s all tied and finished.  

Enjoy your new tee!!!

To see even more of Christina’s creative designs, follow her at and be sure to check back here throughout the week for the rest of the Custom T-Shirt Series!

~J. Elizabeth Boutique

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