Didn’t You Know? The Teen Choice Awards Also Love J. Elizabeth!

J. Elizabeth starred in the backstage production of the Teen Choice awards this year and wowed the award-winning celebrities with some of their top selling styles! Storm Reid and Sky Katz were among the many who took their favorite t-shirts home with them.  Many of them were taken with J. Elizabeth’s foundation, causing them to take a closer look at our mission to help couples suffering from infertility start a family.

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The Anti-Costume Costume

Simplicity.  Something we certainly don’t have enough of in this crazy thing we call life.  That is why we have created a line of Halloween shirts that will make your costume a breeze!  You can throw your costume together with your favorite jeans (or make it even easier with your favorite sweatpants); or add accessories to spruce it up!  Regardless of your efforts, we are sure your t-shirt will be a hit!