Operation Connor Share

It is amazing what can happen when a mother has a dream for not only her son, but the world.  Operation Connor Share began almost 10 years ago when Colleen Brennan decided to teach her son firsthand what it means to treat others with kindness, and pay it forward.  She and her son Connor set out to make Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people and hand deliver them to locals who had nowhere to go for the Holiday.   The joy Colleen and Connor felt that day launched their lifelong mission to “Pay it Forward” and Operation Connor Share was born.
By the third Thanksgiving the duo set out to deliver meals to those in need, their operation increased by 900%!  Operation Connor share has since blossomed, bringing relief to anyone in need, and touching the lives of all who are involved in their mission.
Read the interview with Colleen on Operation Connor Share and learn more about their mission:
What does the foundation mean to you?   Operation Connor share started as a way to teach my son the meaning of giving back to those less fortunate. It started out very small when he was three years old feeding just 10 people we had seen in our city regularly who we knew were in need of food and shelter. Something moved me so deeply when I saw my little 3 year old bring a grown man to tears by sharing a plate of food with him that he helped make that I knew we had to continue on.
What is your focus? Our focus has grown exponentially over the years. We are coming up on our 10 year anniversary and we have learned to tune into things that move our heart. Much like J. Elizabeth wants {their} customers to feed their soul and do whatever makes your soul happy!!! We have learned to allow God to point us in each direction. I think when you let compassion for others take over you see the world a little differently. A long time ago I realized that in order to be philanthropic, you don’t need a lot of money, you need compassion. There are so many ways to help others. It starts with a smile. It grows from there.
How do you promote Operation Connor Share? We have always used Facebook as our primary way to promote our cause and that has led to new channels covering a couple of things we have done.
We are so grateful to J. Elizabeth for giving us a new way to reach out to help those in need. I never dreamed that we would have this channel of love and happiness to spread to others. Connor is busy preparing his packages of color your hospital T’s to deliver to children who are sick in the hospitals! We are super excited to have been asked to have a booth at VIDCON in Anaheim CA July 9-14 for Operation Connor Share! We can’t wait to share the amazing J. Elizabeth brand and our message of paying it forward to over 80,000 people!!
Where do you see the Future of Operation Connor Share? It is my hope that Connor will continue to give back to those in need and that Operation Connor Share is recognized globally. I hope that he passes this down to his children and that the generations that follow will keep it going. We definitely want to expand the James Brennan Jr. Scholarship Fund to be able to help high school students in many states obtain a scholarship to go on to college. This will be our 4th year Connor will hand out scholarships in his grandfather’s memory.
What can others do to join you in your mission?  I think the biggest thing that people can do is to recognize that there is a greater need out there. To help us personally would be to spread the word that Operation Connor Share is available to help others in several capacities.  Our hope is that we can find people in other states who will proudly wear our Operation Connor Share Pay it Forward shirt and give back to those in need. My hope would to see families post on our Facebook page photos of them in their Operation Connor Share Pay it forward shirts going to visit the elderly in nursing homes, visiting sick children in hospitals taking Connors “gifts of happy,” making peanut butter sandwiches together and handing them out to those in need who have no food, holding a door for someone with disabilities, doing a 5k walk or run for a good cause! It would warm our hearts to just know that people are thinking outside of their own circles to give to someone else. You don’t need to have money to be philanthropic, you just need compassion for others.
Visit OperationConnorShare.com for more information, or visit their page on Facebook to keep up with their work! https://www.facebook.com/operationconnorshare1

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