Join Operation Connor Share on 11/23 By Helping Those in Need and Get a Free T-Shirt!

Join Operation Connor Share as they pass the torch nationwide in cities all across the US on November 23, 2019 to help those less fortunate. Operation Connor Share began 10 years ago when Connor was just three years old.  He and his mother, Colleen Brennan, set out in their town of Boynton Beach, Florida to deliver meals to those in need.  After that day, a passion for “Paying it Forward” was born.

This year, to commemorate Connor’s 10-year anniversary of giving back, Connor is recruiting families all across the U.S. to join him on November 23 to share food and supplies with those less fortunate! Everyone can be involved in this life changing experience, and it is a great way to teach children about giving back. Operation Connor Share breaks down the process of giving back so that all volunteers can easily and affordably participate in the event. (see below for full instructions)

In addition to the fulfillment you will feel by giving back, Operation Connor Share will also send participants a free commemorative t-shirt for your participation on this day! Connor has participants from 25 states and is hopeful to reach volunteers in all 50! If you would like more information on this event, please email


Giving back is simplified with these steps from Operation Connor Share:This is where you and your family and friends can help!

  • Go through your cabinets for travel items you have collected from hotels. (i.e.: shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, soap)
  • Make a social media asking for your family, friends, neighbors to drop off to you anything that they have that you can use to give to the homeless. You will need the following.
    • Quart sized Ziplock bags
    • Loaves of bread
    • Peanut butter
    • Bottles of water
    • Wash cloths
    • Socks
    • Band-Aids
    • Smaller sandwich bags
    • Fruit snacks, individually packaged crackers, etc.
    • Travel items
  • A week or so before, invite your kids’ friends over to help or family or just do it alone with your own family. Put all the items together that you have collected.
  • The day of, wake up early and smile! Put on your Operation Connor Share Pay it forward shirts! Take photos and share on Operation Connor Share or email them to us for our website.
  • Make the peanut butter sandwiches and put in smaller sandwich bags.
  • Head out into the communities where you know there might be those less fortunate than you and share lovingly and humbly. Take photos of your children handing out bags to share on social media and with us, inspiring others to Pay it Forward
  • After you are finished, go home and reflect on how it felt to give back and make a plan to do it NEXT YEAR! (or more often)

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